How To Conquer Fear Of Driving Over Bridges (Part 1 of 2)
By Steve Pavilanis
So here's something countless people have asked me about: how do I conquer my fear of driving over bridges, or in general, my fear of driving in traffic?

If you share this phobia, you are definitely not alone! Even for people not suffering from an acute anxiety disorder, driving over some of today's enormous modern bridges can make you tremble a little bit!

While my wife and I were living in northern California and regularly driving across the enormous bridges in the San Francisco bay area, I thought it would be helpful to shoot a video while we were actually going over the bridges to share how I deal with the anxious feelings these monster bridges cause me.

So please check out the video above and be sure to leave a comment! Stay tuned, I'll soon be posting Part 2 of this video in which I drive over the even bigger San Francisco Bay Bridge!


About Author: Steve Pavilanis

Steve Pavilanis is a former panic attack and extreme social anxiety sufferer and author of the award-winning book "A Life Less Anxious".
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