How To Conquer Fear Of Driving Over Bridges (Part 2 of 2)
By Steve Pavilanis
Fear of driving over bridges or being stuck in heavy traffic... definitely in the top 5 fears for millions of people suffering from social anxiety and panic attacks.

If you suffer from this type of phobia know that you are not alone, and like any form of social anxiety - it is very treatable! I put together this video to show you what I experience myself while driving over very long and high bridges... and they don't get much bigger than the Bay Bridge in San Francisco!

I remember the first time I drove over it... we left downtown right at the start of rush hour and had to take the Bay Bridge to get home (we lived in Santa Rosa at the time). It was stop and go traffic and I was stuck in a center lane on the bridge for at least 40 minutes. Talk about a true anxiety test!

I didn't lose control or panic (we rarely ever do, really) but those first few minutes on the bridge, knowing what lay ahead of me were certainly anxiety-inducing. But like any other fear I talk about conquering, it's all about picking a fight and facing it head on... and you can get through it.

So if you suffer from this type of anxiety please check out the video above and be sure to leave a comment, hope this helps!


About Author: Steve Pavilanis

Steve Pavilanis is a former panic attack and extreme social anxiety sufferer and author of the award-winning book "A Life Less Anxious".
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