Testimonials For A Life Less Anxious
Tim Ursiny, PhD, author of The Confidence Plan and The Coward’s Guide to Conflict:

A Life Less Anxiousis practical and genuine. In current times where we medicate first and ask questions later, it is great to have a resource to help people deal with their anxiety using proven techniques.

Mark Pfeffer, Director of the Panic/Anxiety/Recovery Center in Chicago, Illinois:

A self-help book that really helps. As a psychotherapist specializing in Anxiety Disorders, I know the journey can be a lonely one for many. Most people rarely have a chance to connect with someone going through the same emotional issue. The author gives you that chance to hear first hand, someone’s successful story of recovery. The book can also be a resource for therapists as part of their recommended reading. The format facilitates learning and the writing is easy to read, insightful and motivational. It’s great to have the “how to” and the “hope”, in one book. The well selected quotes are on target and well placed in the text. I highly recommend this book to those who suffer with life altering anxiety. Well done. I’ll be looking for the sequel.

Testimonial/Review posted by Brenda Forest on January 1, 2010:

“A Life Less ANXIOUS”
I have been struggling with Anxiety/Panic attacks since I was a teenager. I have read so many books, Listened to tons of CD’s and bought an expensive Video program. None have ever helped me. Steve’s books is so well written, I read half the book the first night. Even though I knew I wasnt the only one who struggled with Anxiety, this book shed a new light for me. I have yet to read a book where the Author so totally described my symptoms and understood what I am going thru. I am so glad I bought this book. Yesterday during a snow storm we were out doing errands I tried Steves breathing technique.. IT worked! I had gotten myself so worked up about the snow and fearing the “WHAT IFS” we slid off the road~~ I wasnt sure how I would ever make it home. I then started breathing as Steve says in the books and for the first time in my life, I was able to get my anixety attack under control. Thank you Steve for writing this book. I highly recommend this bookfor anyone who is struggling with anxiety.

Testimonial/Review posted by donnaj on June 15, 2011:


If you are like me and have read countless books trying to get some help with your anxiety, only to feel like you wasted money and feel even MORE hopeless than before…..

THIS ONE is the real thing. It provides simple yet effective techniques by someone that has been there. Its brutally honest and I related to what the author had been through as if he was writing MY STORY. I was in tears for most of it. I am so glad someone had the courage to write this, because I have lived with this disorder in shame and secrecy.

This book gives me hope and encourages me on bad days. I refer to it again and again.

If you are reading these reviews, then you probably are searching for some relief from HORRENDOUS anxiety. ITS HERE!!!!!! Cant recommend HIGHLY ENOUGH!!!!!

Email testimonial received from Kristy D. on June 7, 2010

Hey Steve-

I just wanted to thank you so much for writing your book and sharing your experiences. I’ve been meaning to write you a note for months telling you how much your book really helped me move along in my life again.

I was struck with the panic plague early last summer after a bad breakup, a bout of unemployment, having to move back in with mommy and daddy, yada yada yada. I wasn’t eating very much during that time either, and lost a ton of weight. (I wasn’t trying to be like Nicole Richie or anything, I love food, but the thought of eating made me want to dry heave during those horrible times.) So, I wasn’t taking very good care of myself, and before you know it, I was a shaking, anxious, migraine-ridden woman with scared thoughts and chattering teeth cowering in the corner begging her mom to take her to ER. And what did the doctor at the ER say? “Take some Xanax. Talk to someone. Have you tried anti-depressants?”

I once felt as if I could conquer nations with no more than a stick, but after anxiety visited me, I felt so weak and well, basically, like my entire life was over.

I went to my family doctor who totally disregarded anything I said, and pushed Xanax in my face with a wave of his hand and a “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re anxious. Everyone gets like this at some point. Pretty girls, rich guys, I’ve seen it all. You’ll figure out what’s making you anxious. Take two of these.”

That didn’t settle very well with me.

A few things helped me out of this. Your book, finding a good psychologist who was very anti-medication, spilling out my heart to my loved ones, following a hypoglycemic diet (I was VERY hypoglycemic during the peak of my anxious time, as I found out by a glucose-tolerance test), and pushing on through each day with my chin up even when every ounce of my being would rather crumble again. It’s hard work, but I’m getting better with each day. I tend to play the “what if” game with my thoughts a LOT, and it’s hard not to look in the past, but I’ve learned that that kind of thinking doesn’t lead anywhere helpful or hopeful.

I now landed a creative job that I absolutely love and everything else seems to be falling slowly back into place. I guess if you don’t get lost, you never get found, right? I still keep telling myself that all that hell happened for a good reason, and its lingering dust is maybe meant to remind me to cherish every good moment to its fullest.

So, excuse my blabbering. I just wanted to say thanks. BIG thanks!
And not to make you feel like you’re watching Oprah or anything, but there were many parts of your book that made me all teary-eyed because I could relate so well to every bit of what you went through.

Cheers to you, good man!

Take care,

Testimonial/Review posted by NY Bookreader on January 20, 2010:

“Very Helpful”

This book is a great read for anyone who suffers from anxiety, but it is also extremely helpful for people who have friends or family who suffer from it. I have a very good friend who has had anxiety for years. This book helped me to understand what he has gone through and how frustrating it can be to try different types of treatment that don’t always work. I believe this book will make me a more supportive friend for him as a result.

Also, the author’s personal stories and vignettes really made the book easy to read and comprehend. The book is written in plain english from a regular guy like me. A lot of these types of books are written by doctors in medical jargon that both makes it harder to understand and boring to read. This book is the exception.

I recommend this book to anyone impacted by anxiety directly or indirectly. I have never written a book review online before, but I did this time because I feel this book can really help people

Testimonial/Review posted by J.Thompson on January 18, 2010:

“Excellent read for anxiety-beginners and long-term sufferers”

I originally bought this book for my husband, a long-time anxiety sufferer relying on prescription medications to control his often-crippling anxiety. He will not attempt any treatments or read any books that seem fishy, new-agey, or “fruity.” I decided to give this book a try as it didn’t seem to fit into any of the categories to which my husband objects. I hit the jackpot with this book and I am so glad I bought it!

I have more trouble with depression than anxiety, and there were many tips that I have applied to my own life. The author is knowledgeable and funny, which keeps this book from being preachy, like so many self-help books are. I loved that he put detailed stories of what anxiety had done to him and his life. I was able to read those out loud to my husband as I read the book, and that did a lot to pique his interest in this book and actually give it a chance. This is the first self-help book I’ve ever found that my husband will actually read!

I know this review is getting long, but I have to add that the author addresses the side-effects of anti-depressants, which are regularly prescribed to help with anxiety. Namely, the sexual side-effects. It is difficult to discuss or admit that it happens, but it is such a huge drawback to those medications. This problem has had a tremendous impact on our life and it is one of the big reasons that we’d love for my husband to be off of the drugs.

Testimonial/Review posted by Uptown Girl on December 7, 2009:

“Great Tactics for Even Non-Anxiety Sufferers”

Let’s face it, everyone has times when their own thoughts consume them, and they need to gain balance and peace. This book is a PERFECT read for folks who want to gain control of their minds and achieve a steady, positive outlook on life. The author does a nice job of telling his own story — whether you can relate to the specifics or not, you can surely appreciate the honesty and candor with which he shares his experiences; by the end of the first part you feel like he is one of your good friends. Which sets the tone nicely for the remainder of the book, which, in my opinion, should be read by EVERYONE. We could all use a physical, mental, and spiritual cleanse – and the non-judgmental, humorous, effective way the author presents his tactics is well-appreciated. A real breath of fresh air compared to the pop-psychology-babble we see on shelves. Great book, great tactics for self-improvement and overall mental health.
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